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Magic Tiles Stain Remover

you can clean all bathroom tiles with one cleaner
eco-freindly bathroom stain cleaner

Magic Tiles Stain Remover is an ECO-FRIENDLY stain remover for your bathroom floor tiles. It does not require any hazardous cleaning agents nor does it require strong toxic cleaning agents which can be dangerous for your health when breathing in or when they come in contact with your skin.

Magic Tiles Stain Remover requires only a little bit of water. That’s it.

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For what tiles is it?

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Magic Tiles Stain Remover is best for the floor tiles of your bathroom. Since floor tiles are kind of rough in order to have that non-slippery effect when your feet are wet, these tiles are the best.

How about glossy tiles like in your living room?

Most bathroom shower tiles are rough and not glossy. So you can rest assured that also your bathroom tiles are rough too and can be cleaned with the Magic Tiles Stain Remover.

In case your tiles in the bathroom are not rough but shiny and glossy, we recommend that you try the Magic Tiles Stain Remover first at one end of your bathroom which is not much visible. Now it depends on the quality of your tiles whether the stone-alike material of the Stain Remover would scratch the surface of your tiles. Probably not, because good quality bathroom tiles are being produced with heat up to 2000 degrees and are scratch-free.

Did you know that you can use the Bathroom tiles stain remover also for:

-Your balcony

-Your garden tiles

-Your garage tiles and basically any tiles arount the house...



Specialty Stone, Silicone, Plastic


24 X 4 X 4 cm


1 piece

tool box for cleaning stains in your bathroom
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